mHealth Research –  you don’t need to die to donate your body (data) to science!

What do you think about when you hear the terms “Medical Research” or “Clinical Trials”? Are you one of many of us who understand the value of research but cannot find the time to participate so leave it to others?

But what if you could contribute to the ‘greater good’ whilst simply managing your own health condition? How worthwhile would it be to contribute your body (data) to science, with the goal being to drive improved population health for everyone, yourself included?

If you think about it, mHealth tools have the potential to offer us a new way to actively participate, every day, with no extra effort on our part. Using mHealth tools equipped with sophisticated machine learning, the wider range of data we can collect and effectively analyse, the more trust we can build in the ‘norms' that emerge, the patterns that, when compared to our own daily indicators, will help our physicians recognise and hopefully avert the likelihood of cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetic episodes…

Who could say no to that?

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