Connected asthma, how technology will transform care - a report from Asthma UK

A recent report from Asthma UKConnected asthma, how technology will transform care – takes a comprehensive, yet pragmatic “State of the Nation” look at asthma care in the UK and concludes:

Every day we spend increasing amounts of time being digitally engaged and yet personal asthma action plans, which make someone four times less likely to be admitted to hospital, are still delivered in paper form. Basic questions for asthma reviews are still being collected during the precious minutes of a face-to-face asthma review…” The report goes on to say: “We need the system basics in place urgently – paper-free action plans, basic risk stratification and data sharing can be done right now.” and finishes up: “We believe mHealth solutions are the future for asthma care and the key to reducing highly preventable deaths.

In the face of significant healthcare policy hurdles, most notably huge data integration complexities, Asthma UK suggests a decidedly achievable short term goal – a “high quality mHealth solution … with user-centred design informed by patients and healthcare professionals, which brings together the action plan, adherence tech, patient and symptom information into one central point.” In an ideal world, full data integration is what we must strive for but what about in the meantime? Surely, with a smartphone in almost every person’s pocket, a high quality smartphone solution would be an ideal first step.

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