Expanding our team at Russell Resources

We are pleased to announce that Joy MacDonald and Sue Franklin have joined the team at Russell Resources.

Sue has held senior roles in Human Resources and Finance across the public and private sectors as well as having extensive experience in management consulting. Her most recent role was at Austin Health, where her considerable knowledge of the public health system was developed working on key change management and organisation design initiatives. Sue has qualifications in both Finance and Human Resources and is looking forward to working closely with the Russell Resources team to foster innovative change across the public healthcare network.

Joy is a senior healthcare professional with extensive experience in the public and private sectors in the UK and Australia. She completed her Critical Care training at Alfred Health in Melbourne and went on to manage, design and open Critical Care Units at Cabrini Health and the London Heart Hospital. From 2003 onwards, Joy has held a number of leadership roles in Quality, Risk, Governance and Service Redesign in both countries. She has qualifications in Nursing, Education and a Masters in Health and Social Care Management from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Joy returned to Melbourne in December 2013 and worked as Director of Quality, Safety and the Patient Experience at a large teaching hospital before setting up on her own as an independent quality consultant. She is passionate about improving patient outcomes and safety.

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