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There is significant interest and therefore research being carried out on the potential of mHealth tools for the management of chronic disease, one of the most recent being an Australian study from University of Canberra entitled Mobile Health: Empowering People with Type 2 Diabetes Using Digital Tools. In addition to confirming the potential of mobile devices in the management of Diabetes, “A national GP survey was also undertaken to better understand adoption and potential of technology use in primary care more broadly. The study also highlighted, surprisingly, that age is not a significant barrier, with 82% of participants 50 years or older.” When it comes to the broader healthcare discussion, the possibilities are endless. Consider Antenatal and Asthma self-management programs or aged care for example. Aged care comes with its own set of self-management opportunities equally suited to the use of mHealth tools. The study highlighted that “For a sustainable engagement with mHealth tools, continuous digital literacy programs and technical support are both crucial elements.” A third crucial element would have to be the expectation of seamless data integration with our doctors and, more broadly, our health systems, without which sustained engagement will be harder to achieve.

See the full report:

Mobile Health: Empowering People with Type 2 Diabetes Using Digital Tools

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