mHealth - Innovative Technology for a Sustainable Health Service - Part I

Whilst there is an increasing number of studies conducted on application functionality and user experience, a lot less attention has so far been directed towards the ROI imperatives of any mHealth initiative. In this series of posts, Russell Resources will look at mHealth from a business perspective, the purchasing drivers and the barriers to adoption, to provide up to date insight into the real questions on which decisions depend.

Although written in late 2013, an old manuscript by today’s standards, and about an industry (mHealth) in the midst of enormous technological focus and therefore rapid advancement, KPMG and Pivotal Labs’ report A Prescription for Mobile Health – Overcoming the Barriers to widespread mHealth Adoption”, remains pertinent. Distinguishing itself from the many pilots, studies and reports into mHealth patient outcomes, KPMG and Pivotal offer some insights to overcome the strategic and cost barriers to adoption that exist for large, public institutions and smaller healthcare providers. Interestingly, it puts forward the view to “simplify the mHealth journey”, to defer “the Big Build” in favour of more agile solutions, capable of keeping pace with innovation. Three year’s later, it is still an interesting read.

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