GetAbby arrives in Australia - the only Human Avatar Care Coach for patients

Faced with the complexities of post-op patient healthcare, hospital systems struggle to improve patient education, preparedness, quality of care, customer satisfaction, and readmission. To compound these problematic areas, today’s consumers expect the traditional approach to post-op healthcare to now be accessible via modern communication vehicles. They want easy, on-demand access to their provider and available educational information as an alternative to repeated visits to their local hospital. Cath Lab Digest’s March 2015 issue features GetAbby’s Congestive Heart Failure Pilot Program as the industry’s only human-avatar Care Coach navigator program, a solution that marries the old with the new in a modern, user-friendly, virtual patient assistant.

The primary focus of the pilot project is to instruct, educate, monitor and remind, utilizing all mediums available: the web, smart devices, and phones, using technology as a communication bridge between the patient, their family, and the healthcare provider. Care Coach’s capabilities include on-demand interactive education, question and answer functionality, medication schedule and medical appointment reminders, vital sign tracking, patient survey, electronic record and biometric device integration, and construction and maintenance of quantifiable ‘big-data’ databases.

Participants in the project actively engaged the solution and the results were undeniable. The medical facility realized significant improvement in medication compliance, patient satisfaction, and reduction in short term readmissions.

Empowering patient education with mobile, interactive avatar technology went beyond the traditional approach used during their hospital stay. The program realized patients eager to learn more about their health and current condition. Patients used the virtual avatar, predominantly to learn more about their condition and their diet by reading educational content, listening to the avatar, and finally by communicating directly with their Care Coach by asking direct health-related questions. The value of this program was quickly discovered in its ability to help manage their daily care, diet, exercise, medication, and appointment reminders.

This technology is highly scalable and shows promise for similar results with larger patient populations. The GetAbby CHF technology platform has the ability to integrate with a comprehensive congestive heart failure management program and manage big data collections. Care Coach’s 24/7 personal approach to patient engagement and interactivity is the essential keystone missing in more traditional approaches to the problem.

This project provided valuable insight into how patients use the tool and how they can ultimately benefit from GetAbby’s artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

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