Creating personal responsibility in healthcare with Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Wearable technology and digital sensors are changing the face of personal healthcare. We can now track and receive data on many different devices. From counting steps, to tracking your heart rate and other vitals, we have more real-time health monitoring data than we ever imagined. For people to continue to use these devices it’s essential to contextualize this big data in one easy to use application created to promote personal health responsibility.

According to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Health Coach spends 50 minutes with each client twice a month, having in-depth conversations on primary food and secondary food, and working side by side with clients to create unique food and lifestyle plans for them by learning what works for their body through deep questioning. This coaching provides a 360 degree view of the patient, but on a time-restricted basis for cognitive behavioral therapy.

I believe that Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), designed as Health Coaches, can be the catalyst for self-responsibility and the quickly evolving Health Coach advancement. If our coach can passively track, monitor our choices, then establish a trusted relationship between our wellness coach and the user, than we can empower people to take control of their health and make better decisions with consistency and efficacy. In actualizing this goal, we can track, monitor, educate, and remind users with the same, if not better attention than a real personal health coach can, simply because an IVA is available at the at the patients disposal.

Recent advancements in monitor/sensor technology provides an increasingly capable means of predicting and identifying potential health complications before an incident occurs, which inevitably results in a rapid response from the patient and healthcare provider. Wearable technology is a means to collecting personal health data, but Intelligent Virtual Assistants are the future of personal healthcare.

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