Please No More Health Apps

The public deserves clarity and effectiveness in a healthcare technology world filled with too many non-effective options. A recent Healthcare Informatics study noted the following:

  • There are over 40,000 health and wellness apps available in Apple’s App Store,

  • 50% have fewer than 500 downloads,

  • After further scrutiny 23,682 related to patient health and treatment,

  • 7,407 (or 31%) of those were directed to physicians and 16,275 (or 69%) were directed to consumers,

  • 10,840 inform,

  • 1,357 remind and alert,

  • Only 395 communicate,

  • Only 159 link to sensors,

  • Fewer than 50 relate to actual condition management or provide tools & calculators for vital data tracking, and

  • Zero have a Human Avatar Interface…outside of GetAbby which also collects data remotely and obviously communicates since it is an artificial intelligent agent platform.more

The benefits of connecting the highest cost and highest risk patients to health coaches or care navigators are well documented in multiple health journals and studies. Coaches are able to monitor medication compliance, health indicators, deliver education, provide encouragement/rewards, create tasks & schedules, connect patients with a physician (if needed), and answer questions. The problem is that this model is not scalable and can’t serve the needs of millions because the coaches are humans and humans, while highly effective, have several limitations, including cost.

But what if there was a Human Avatar Health Coach available 24/7 to do these same functions? The solution is here and its name is GetAbby!

GetAbby is an enterprise software platform that utilizes a Human Avatar interface and workflows that have been optimized with input from Industrial Psychologists to produce greater patient engagement. The core of the GetAbby platform is its artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The results are overwhelming where in a CHF pilot readmission rates were reduced over 50% and medication compliance improved 10%, all while improving customer satisfaction scores. A second pilot for diabetes demonstrated that 70% of patients used the technology consistently and after 90 days, patients were completing 9 tasks a day.

To learn more about GetAbby and our Healthcare platform, please contact

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