Our Approach


Patient Centred Care


Russell Resources is dedicated to the ideal of patient centred care. We partner with organisations in the health care, aged care and higher education sectors. Our focus is on the people, values, behaviours and culture that are required to ensure success in continuous, safety, quality and experience improvement.


Our value proposition consists of a unique combination of training and experiences. The Principals of the business are health care professionals (nursing and medicine). They have more than two decades of experience studying and working in complex industrial, commercial and resource project environments where personal competencies values and culture change were key to organisational success. We use technology already proven in the health care sector to correlate people’s competencies, values, fit and behaviours with patient safety, quality, and satisfaction outcomes. We also use new technology of a human avatar health coach to reduce re admissions and help patients stay healthy with interactive real time education and monitoring.


Staff Solutions


Through understanding and measuring those personal competencies that correlate with patient safety and quality as well as overall patient experience we are able to guide the selection of health and aged carers and students planning careers in the field. For existing staff, we measure and provide specific feedback on each person’s competency and fit profile. This provides the insight that is a pre-requisite to behaviour change and values alignment. And with specific guidance and reinforcement of desired behaviours, organizational climate, then culture, commence their inexorable progress towards patient centred care.


Through providing tailored approaches to each role, whether it is as a nurse, doctor, ancillary staff or others, we work to ensure that the safety and quality and satisfaction improvement program of the organization is fully supported by all staff. Experience has shown that this is often the key to success.


Patient Solutions


Patients in the community benefit from ongoing health support following discharge from hospital or day to day management of medical conditions. Our approach targets patient engagement in the management of their conditions along with an appropriate reduction or elimination of unnecessary re-admissions. Through web based technology patients interact with a human avatar health coach that reminds patients when they have a doctor's appointment, when they need to take medication, and when they need to take their weight, blood pressure, etc.


The human avatar health coach monitors the patient daily, follows up with them and ensures that they’re feeling better. If any issues occur, the patient's physician is informed so that they contact them as soon as possible.


The health coach educates the patient on their specific disease states, allowing them to feel more confident and engaged in their own management.



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