Hiring and retaining top nursing talent is critical to safety and quality of care, patient satisfaction and performance improvement.  Technology, process improvements and service excellence programs only go so far.  Individual behaviours impact outcomes.  Using our nursing assessments, you can identify nurses with a patient-centered mindset, who are adaptable and fit your vision.



Nothing impacts outcomes and the patient experience more than placing the best candidates in every nursing position.  NurseFit® is a behavioural assessment designed to:

  • Reduce turnover

  • Enhance the quality of your nursing workforce

  • Improve the accuracy and quality of your hiring process

  • Help you identify candidates with the competencies critial to meeting your goals

NurseFit goes beyond traditional off-the-shelf personality inventories.  This proprietary assessment approach incorporates the five types of questions that are most predictive of turnover, job satisfaction, decision making and job performance.


Some of the benefits of this online assessment include:

  • Increase Efficiency 
    NurseFit is a cost-effective tool that makes the jobs of human resources professionals and hiring managers easier.  Candidates that simply do not fit the job demands of the competency profile are eliminated early on in the process.  This enables the hiring manager to focus on the most qualified candidates and make decisions based on objective data.

  • Reduce Legal Risk
    NurseFit can reduce legal risk in the hiring process.  We has a 100% success rate for its clients facing legal challenges.

  • Enhance Nurse Satisfaction 
    The Nursing Preference section helps to identify the ideal work setting for the candidate and the entire report is invaluable as a management and development tool for managers.


Select Assessment for Nursing


A nurse's job is cognitively complex, which can lead to patient errors.  You need to find nursing candidates who can lead, multi-task and make good decisions.  But it can be difficult to identify nurses with the right mix of compassion, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task.  Clinical skills ARE important, but success demands that nurses also adapt to change, innovate, lead, and focus on the patients.  However, resumes don't predict how well candidates will perform under these pressures, or whether they fit the high-performance culture you are building.


Select Assessment® for Nursing is an award-winning online assessment that identifies nurses who are:

  • Patient - safety and quality-focused

  • Potential leaders

  • Good decision makers

  • Able to multi-task


This nursing assessment predicts performance by combining multiple modes of evaluation:  Personality, Biographical data, Situational judgment, and Motivational fit.  Multi-tasking is evaluated via a cutting-edge, healthcare-based simulation, mimicking the unpredictable environment that nurses face every day.


Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessment

The Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessment helps staff to understand and adjust the behaviours that impact the patient experience and organizational success. Click below to learn more.