True Image Interactive's Human Avatar Health Coach helps patients stay healthy with education!


True Image Healthcare Solutions include:

  • Interactive Disease Management for COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Orthopedics, Diabetes, and Pneumonia.

  • Education for each disease state as well as general wellness and diet.

  • Interactively engaging patients in order to keep them on track to a healthy lifestyle - reminding them to do the things they need to do, every day, to keep themselves healthy!


The human avatar health coach reminds patients when they have a doctor's appointment, when they need to take medication, and when they need to take their weight, blood pressure, etc. It monitors the patient daily, follows up with them and ensures that they’re feeling better. If any issues occur, the patient's physician is informed so they can contact the patient as soon as possible. The health coach educates the patient on their specific disease states, allowing them to feel more confident about getting better. The results include better patient engagement, less unnecessary re-admissions and improved patient outcomes.