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365 is the New 360!


Russell Resources, with its partner, Select International, is excited to launch the next generation of leadership development. Success Coach™ specifically addresses the inherent problems with a one-point-in-time 360 feedback process. Allowing leaders to target their customized and personal areas for development, identify Trusted Others, and gather on-demand, real-time feedback throughout the year provides leaders with feedback that is measurable, actionable, and timely.


Organizations are quickly realizing that the next generation of leaders (i.e., Millenials) want and need more immediate feedback. Millennials currently make up the largest generation of employees in Australia and, now more than ever, it is important to provide tools that not only develop but also engage your staff in ways they will understand and embrace. Leveraging mobile-ready, technology-enabled data collection techniques to gather real-time feedback is the next generation of performance feedback. 


Although we know this technology is going to be a game changer as it relates to gathering performance feedback, we didn’t stop there. Leaders also have access to our library of developmental content. So, for instance, when after receiving feedback they realize their meeting facilitation skills still have room for improvement, they can leverage our library of developmental content to actively develop in this area. 


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Trusted Others Ratings: Users can view ratings from their Trusted Others in order to see if they are actually changing their behavior and developing over time.


Avatar Technology: Our platform integrates avatar technology and serves as the end-user's concierge to navigating the website and getting the most out of their experience.


Quick Feedback Request: It is really simple to get feedback from others and only takes a few clicks.