What type of leadership do healthcare organizations need today? These leaders face more challenges than ever before, with issues that include consolidation, accountable care organizations, physician relationships, patient engagement and autonomy, new payment methodologies, cost pressures and information technology changes. Executive performance is a multi-million dollar issue. Senior leaders make daily judgments that have an enormous impact on patients, employees, the community and the organization's mission. You can no longer leave senior leader selection and development to chance.


SELECTION: When choosing a senior leader, you need to understand the potential risks to a candidate's potential to succeed. Our partner Select International is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies when it comes to evaluating candidates for top positions. We have a variety of tools and approaches to meet your needs.


DEVELOPMENT: Healthcare is realizing that we must invest in developing leaders. Our tools are the foundation of leader development programs at top organizations.


Through a battery of widely-normed assessment instruments, Select Assessment® for Executives can define a candidate's:

  • Cognitive capacity

  • Decision-making style

  • Management capabilities

  • Approach to working with and leading others

  • Values

  • Beliefs


The data is then interpreted by a Ph.D.-level psychologist, in conjunction with a thorough, yet conversational interview with the candidate. The psychologist will explore test battery results to fully understand how specific traits, abilities and personality characteristics would actually play out on a day-to-day basis in your organization. The psychologist writes an interpretive report that outlines each candidate's potential. Developmental feedback sessions can be arranged for new hires.


Leadership Developmental Portal















Assessment Feedback: Leaders will have access to their assessment feedback from one of our trained assessors, so the leader can understand their strengths and developmental areas.


Development Resources: Leaders will not only have access to our entire developmental library, but will also be assigned individualized developmental content based on their unique assessment results.


Avatar Technology: Our platform integrates avatar technology and serves as the end-user's concierge to navigating the website and getting the most out of their experience.


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