A Development Platform that Actually Helps
to Develop People


An assessment process is only as good as its realized outcomes. As it relates to leadership assessment, that means leadership development. First - does it even happen? Second – how much are leaders changing their behaviours over time? Historically, leaders have been presented with wordy developmental reports as an outcome of the assessment process. Some individuals would read and reflect on these reports. Most, though, will read the report once and then put it in the drawer never to be seen again.Are you still using a VCR to record your shows? Like VHS tapes we believe that traditional written developmental reports are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Our new platform pushes leader development into the 21st Century. Leaders will have access to their assessment results through an online portal where they will be able to view their personalized developmental suggestions and also have access to our complete growing developmental content library. When new resources are added, the leaders will be alerted that new content is available to them. They'll be pushed to stay engaged with their development. Additionally, we are providing them with a tool, Success Coach™, that allows leaders to gather real-time ongoing performance feedback on their development areas. This new program provides leaders with the information when they need it and affords them to the ability to actually develop.