Making technology human​

Russell Resources, with established U.S. thought leader in its field, True Image Interactive, brings the world's first human avatar healthcare coach to Asia Pacific.


Available 24/7, our omnichannel, intelligent virtual assistant provides interactive, real time monitoring, coaching, education and reminders, enabling patients to remain safe and well in their own home. And importantly, significantly reduces preventable hospital admissions.

Home Independence.  Hospital Connected.™
Our Human Avatar technology facilitates a behavioural model of patient care through:


  • Extensive on-demand interactive education, including the ability to answer questions, thereby increasing a patient’s capacity to monitor and make decisions about their condition

  • Soon-certain-positive coaching & feedback

  • Improved patient/carer/hospital communication, with the ability to trigger real-time alerts if parameter thresholds are exceeded

  • Monitoring of key clinical and bio markers, e.g. weight, B.P., heartrate, etc., as well as activity markers, including medication compliance and appointment reminders.


Developed to meet extensive data gathering and reporting demands, together with HIPAA compliant electronic health record integration capability, our simple, yet sophisticated 'carer' interactively engages with patients to keep them on track to a healthy lifestyle - reminding them to do the things they need to do, every day, to keep themselves healthy!

People connect and build relationships with other people.  Built on an artificial intelligence platform and programmed specifically to coach, educate, monitor and remind, the human avatar is not a cartoon nor a 3D computer graphic, but video of a real person.  In fact, our human avatar health coach can be anyone identified as being the most influential to a patient group.

Long-term, successful management requires patients and caregivers to be fully engaged in a collaborative 24/7 effort. A personal healthcare coach facilitates that connection, reminding patients when they have a doctor's appointment, when they need to take medication, when they need to take their weight, blood pressure, etc. A personal healthcare coach monitors their patient daily, follows up with them and ensures that they’re feeling better, informing the patient's physician if any issues occur so they can connect with the patient as soon as possible. A personal healthcare coach educates their patient on their specific disease states, allowing them to feel more confident about getting better, resulting in better patient engagement, less unnecessary re-admissions and improved patient outcomes.

Behavioural model of improvement
Human Avatar Healthcare Coach improves patient experience and outcomes.

Patient satisfaction above 85% Average 9 engagements/day 88% will use avatar for advice 89% found avatar trustworthy Older people assimilated well


Medication compliance Dietary/Exercise compliance Multi-lingual patient education Extended provider reach Active monitoring/thresholds


IVR or Manual Entry Average Instruction Times: Physicians – 2 hours Care Coordinators – 1 hour Patients - 10 mins