Health care specific;
but learning from others


The health care sector is unique in the purpose of its work and the nature of its environment. But there is a great deal that can be learned from other sectors about how to get the best people creating the best culture and values; aligning them to the best outcomes. Whilst having origins in the health sector, the team at Russell Resources has spent decades learning about and improving individual experiences and outcomes in some of the most complex work environments. Backed by the team of innovative IT professionals and behavioural psychologists at True Image Interactive and Select International, we bring that joint learning and experience to the Asia Pacific healthcare sector.

Russell Resources
Russell Resources
Partners for success


Our reason for being is the same as yours; the best outcomes for your patients. When working with Russell Resources you will partner with expert health professionals and program managers who speak your language and are aligned with your values. We consider ourselves successful when we have properly listened to and understood your needs, agreed a plan of action, carried out that plan on time, on budget and achieved the agreed outcomes. Measuring success and achieving milestones are the hallmarks of our work. We believe that continuous improvement in all areas, in particular those you identify as having the most impact, is the path to success.

Russell Resources
Proven technology


Our solutions utilise health specific tools carefully researched and validated to ensure the best results possible. Each technology benefits from agile software development by experienced teams of PhD psychologists.


Through research and live application on a large scale, our partner Select International demonstrates that the competencies and motivations associated with successful outcomes can be identified and measured. This helps in the selection of your health care team or guides the development of existing team members.  By tailoring our approach to different job roles, our assessment and development tools can be applied across the entire organisation.


Studies conducted by True Image Interactive validate the innovative approach of our human avatar intelligent virtual assistant to provide interactive, real time support for your patients in the community. This state of the art technology is changing the way patients are empowered to manage their health at home.

Russell Resources
Patient centred care

Russell Resources' value proposition lies in its unique combination of training and experience. We are dedicated to the ideal of patient centred care. Our focus is on the people, values, behaviours and culture that are required to ensure the success of continuous improvement in safety, quality and patient experience.