According to Diabetes Australia, diabetes is the epidemic of the 21st century and the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia.  Whilst scientists continue working towards a cure for diabetes, our healthcare system needs to find new and innovative ways to assist an ever increasing number of patients to manage their condition effectively, whilst also maintaining a good quality of life.  The challenge we face is to introduce efficiencies that will ensure sustainability of, and at the same time improvement to, current support programs.


People suffering chronic disease know how significant a change it can bring to their lifestyle.  Whether faced with a newly diagnosed condition or long term management, Personal Action Plans can be tailored for almost any set of condition and to meet most individuals' needs. Using our Healthcare Coach doctors, nursing staff and care co-ordinators interact with an intuitive interface to set up plans whilst patients can receive personal instruction in no more than 10-15 minutes on average.

The human avatar Healthcare Coach support for each patient is personalised and provides:

  • Real - time monitoring of diabetes symptoms, including

    • Blood Sugar Levels

    • Weight/BMI

    • Blood Pressure

  • Multi-lingual education, coaching, reminding and rewards specific to the individual condition

    • Medication

    • Exercise

    • Footcare

  • Data based protocols with tolerances and action thresholds determined by the patient's doctor

    • Improving communication and enabling between appointment intervention whenever necessary.

The Problem
Home Independence.  Hospital Connected.™
Meeting Patient Needs in the Community
Human Avatar Healthcare Coach
improves patient experience and outcomes

Did you know?

  • 5% of the Australian adult population has diabetes

  • Approximately 30,000 people start insulin each year

  • 50,000 are hospitalised each year with diabetes as the principle diagnosis

  • A further 900,000 are hospitalised where diabetes is an additional diagnosis

  • Admissions are evenly distributed across all age groups except for peaks in the 10 – 30 age group (Type 1)

  • 80% of admissions are for people aged 65 and over (Type 2)

When using our Healthcare Coach our results show:

  • 70% of patients used our technology consistently

  • 81% of patients completed compliance tasks at least daily, completing an average of 276 tasks per month

  • Average maximum glucose readings improved by 16%

  • Average glucose readings improved by 9%

The Possibilities

mHealth, in its various forms, offers patients the opportunity to convalesce safely at home whilst at the same time reducing the strain on over-stretched hospital resources and budgets.

Studies show that to be truly effective, mHealth interventions need to achieve sustained engagement with their patients.  Our research shows there is no better way to sustain engagement than through a trusted personal advocate available 24/7/365 and equipped to coach, educate, remind, monitor and provide feedback.

The Statistics
The Results Using a Human Avatar