About Us


Russell Resources was founded by healthcare professionals with decades of experience in organisational change and performance improvement in high risk environments. More recent experience in the NFP healthcare and research sectors and partnerships with global leaders in the field underpins our approach to the challenges of patient centred care.


We are committed to improving patient experience, safety and outcomes. We advocate that successful, long-term healthcare management, which assists patients to stay in their own homes safely and for longer, requires patients, their medical team and their caregivers to be fully engaged in a collaborative 24/7 effort.  


We have a firm belief in the need to align leadership, behaviours and culture, where personal competencies and culture change are key to organisational success and to realising genuine patient centered care.   

Our Team
Dr Richard Russell
Kate Russell
Sue Franklin
Senior Consultant
Finance, H.R. & Change Management
Joy MacDonald
Senior Consultant
Quality, Safety & Patient Experience
Our Partners

Home Independence.  Hospital Connected.


Building on established, commercially proven technology, True Image Interactive brings a new and exciting innovation to healthcare; the world's first human avatar healthcare coach which empowers patients to manage their own health.


Our partnership with True Image Interactive provides our Asia Pacific clients with access to the latest, most effective technology of its type in healthcare today.

Better Employees.  Better Results.

The Directors of Russell Resources have a long standing strategic partnership with Select International, having used their tools for selection and development for many years.


Select International is committed to delivering world class solutions and superior support for hiring applications, assessment tests and behavioural interview training.


For Russell Resources, a partnership with Select International enables us to bring the best of healthcare assessment to our market and assist our clients to select and develop personnel to truly deliver patient centred care.