Healthcare organisations are facing unprecedented pressures to provide higher quality, better coordinated, patient-centred care to ever increasing and aging populations.  They are also being required to control, and often reduce, costs. How can this be achieved?


At the heart of any organisation’s success is their people.  In a healthcare setting, staff not only require clinical and technical skills, but also high levels of compassion, empathy, patient focus as well as communication and collaboration competencies.

That's why Russell Resources' partner Select International, developed a full suite of healthcare specific hiring solutions. These tools can be used at every level in the organisation for both selection and development purposes and importantly contribute to quality and cost not being either/or options for healthcare organisations.

Changing Healthcare through better hiring.
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With the advent of today’s patient-centered care approach, doctors are expected to contribute to the development of coordinated care models, increased quality of care and  improved patient satisfaction.  They must not only have the business acumen but also the personal drivers to do this successfully, whilst at the same time addressing budget constraints.


Our nurses need to be equipped to provide the standard of quality of care, patient satisfaction and performance improvement our healthcare organisations, and patients, expect.  While some skills - technology, process improvements and service excellence – are addressed through formal programs, behavioural attributes (an essential component) receive far less focus.  Using Select International's nursing assessments, you can identify nurses with a patient-centered mindset, who are adaptable and align with your values.

Allied Health

The contribution of allied health professionals, in particular those in primary health care, is often central to successful patient outcomes. The care provided by the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, laboratory technician or other professional or technical member of the care team has a direct impact on a patient's clinical outcome and importantly has the ability to avoid preventable hospital admissions.

Directors & Executives

At Russell Resources there is a firm belief in the need to align leadership, behaviours and culture to achieve sustainable performance improvement in any industry setting, including healthcare.  Given the enormous impact senior leaders’ decisions have on patients employees, the community and the overall viability of the organisation, the science behind the selection and development of senior leaders is critical to an organisation’s success.

Managers & Supervisors

Mid-level managers often earn promotion from the frontline workforce through hard work and gained experience.  They will have the technical skills but what of their management skills and leadership potential?  Select’s tools identify the required behavioural skills and therefore the best candidate for the position. These tools can also identify behavioural skills gaps that can be used to create structured development plans for promising individuals.


Everyone in your organisation contributes to the patient experience.  Front line staff - Administrative Staff, Caterers, Orderlies - are no exception.  Selecting and retaining candidates for these positions is critical to the smooth running of the organisation and costly should you experience a high turnover and poor performance within this group.