At Russell Resources, we use validated research to assess and guide the selection of health and aged carers as well as students planning careers in the field.

Developed by a team of behavioural psychologists at Select International, a thought leader in psychometric analysis, we offer a range of on-line assessment tools tailored to each role, whether as a nurse, doctor, ancillary staff or other.  Having determined role-specific competencies and fit profiles best correlated with high quality of care and patient satisfaction, we apply that knowledge to identify and select those most suited to the demands of working in healthcare.

Research shows that a strong organisational culture, supported by all staff, is often the key to success.

Using our on-line assessment and development tools to measure and provide specific feedback on each person’s competency and fit profile offers insight that is a pre-requisite to behaviour change and values alignment. We use the lenses of behaviour and culture to guide individuals to improve interactions at all interfaces important to patient outcomes. These include interfaces between members of the care team (both intra and interdisciplinary), with patients’ and residents’ families and, most importantly, with the patients themselves.

With specific guidance and reinforcement of desired behaviours, organisational climate, then culture, commence their inexorable progress towards patient centered care.

By focusing on the ‘people factors’, our solutions provide the critical success ingredients that often challenge the realisation of well-constructed Safety & Quality programs.

Through understanding and measuring those personal competencies that correlate with patient safety and quality, as well as overall patient experience, we are able to offer our clients

  • Enhanced safety and quality care

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Increased staff satisfaction

  • Reduced turnover.

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