About Us

Founded in 2015, Russell Resources is based in Melbourne, Australia. The personnel of Russell Resources have particular expertise working in Australia, New Zealand and in South East Asia. With partners in the USA, some of our technology is also available throughout Northern America and the globe.

Benefits to you:
  • You are dealing with expert Health professionals and Program Managers who speak your language and align with your values

  • Your assessments are tested against international healthcare norms and are proven to correlate with patient experience and patient outcomes

  • You will observe our attentive behavior and know you are a valued partner from day one

  • Both the human avatar health coach and the assessment tools are developed by experienced teams of PhD Psychologists

  • Two decades of experience mean your cultural challenges are immediately recognized and appreciated. Solutions are based on well proven and innovative approaches

  • Whether you are in Aged Care, Allied Health, Hospitals or Higher Education your health carer competencies and patient education needs will be understood

Our areas of Expertise:

• Healthcare Expertise




• Validated Tools in Healthcare




• Excellence in Client Focus



• A Scientific Approach to Patient Safety

   and Quality of Care



• Specialists in Cultural Alignment and






• Healthcare situation specific