Healthcare organisations are facing unprecedented efficiency challenges. At Russell Resources, we believe quality outcomes and cost do not have to be ‘either/or’ issues for healthcare.
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A powerful and proven methodology for improved quality of care and less time in hospital.
Reining in healthcare costs without compromising the quality of care for patients and the elderly, both in hospital and at home, is the vision of Russell Resources. Our Australian, medically qualified founders have partnered with world leaders in eHealth technologies to offer solutions to one of the most significant dilemmas facing world healthcare providers today.  According to Dr Richard Russell, “Quality outcomes and cost do not have to be ‘either/or’ issues for healthcare”.


Meet the world’s first human avatar healthcare coach.
Discover how human avatar interaction can be used to improve quality of care and reduce costs by empowering patients to engage in and manage their own health.  Whether the need is effective chronic disease management, short-term preventative or pre-procedure healthcare intervention programs or long-term assisted living outcomes for our elderly or disabled population, the possibilities are endless.
Change healthcare through better hiring.
Selecting the right healthcare staff means lower turnover, higher productivity, a stronger bottom line and increased levels of patient satisfaction in treatment outcomes.
Partnering with True Image Interactive, a world leader in human avatar technology, Russell Resources engages with healthcare organisations across Asia Pacific to co-design and implement cost-effective, scalable and sustainable solutions, tailoring the technology to each set of unique circumstances.
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Better Employees.
Better Results.™
Partnering with Select International, an internationally recognised expert in the area of employee selection and development, Russell Resources engages with healthcare organisations across Asia Pacific to tailor and implement validated healthcare-specific assessment tools designed to reduce turnover and select better people.
Home Independence.
   Hospital Connected.™